Lisa M (theonemonaghan) wrote in alig_superstars,
Lisa M

Party Monster slash Fic


Title: Lover-La-Da

by: Kacey

Pairing: Michael Alig / James St. James

Warning: Drugs and Gay boy love/hate.

A/N: these characters are from the movie: Party Monster. James St. James (Seth Green) and Michael Alig (Macauly Culkin). For misfitloser2112 (My James!) and My Favorite Macauly-Lover, empathicfrost.

( 'Me the drug child? I think not, Skra skrinkle.' Michael giggled breathlessly and pinned James' wrists against the tiles. The other boy continued to fight until Michael lowered his face closer and made a soft, sighing sound inches away from James' mouth. 'Why dont you want to be my lover-la-da, James?' )
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